A four-part docuseries that exposes the NXVIUM cult and aired on Starz.
Our Role: 2D animation.
Director: Cecilia Peck
Producers: Cecilia Peck, Inbal Lessner
Animation director: Elyse Kelly
Animation producer: Holly Stone
Art director: David Navas
Storyboard artists: David Navas, Jason Carpenter
Additional storyboards: Hannah McNnally, Darren Enterline
2D animators:
 Flora Caulton, Martha Halliday, Ana Mouyis, Anna Bron, Marta Lemos, Hannah McNally, Tash Dupker, Cynthia Chu, Victoria Blair, Debbie Middleton, Fernando López del Hierro
3D artists: Box Rocket Studios
GFX: Alixe Lobato, Federico Parodi, Elyse Kelly
Select accolades & press:
Outstanding Film Produced by a Woman, Women’s Image Network Awards​
Showrunner Nonfiction, Gracie Allen Awards​

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